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We are London’s leading large venue finding agency having worked in the event industry within London for over 15 years and managing the largest network of large venues in the capital. Large London Venues are not only a completely FREE venue finding service, we can also connect you with our wide reaching network of event suppliers, making planning your next event easier than ever.

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Our goal is to save event planners/organisers throughout London to save time and money when searching for large venues in London. Large London Venues has relationships with all the venues we work with, which means you get the best rates and a personalized service. We’ve got the contacts to help you find your perfect large venue in London. Whatever the size, style or type of event you are planning, we will find you a large space that suits your requirements perfectly. It’s hard to find a venue that fits all of your needs for your event. We know the venues, we know what they have to offer, and we know how much it will cost you. We save you the time and money that you would otherwise spend on search.

bargain hunters

We negotiate the best prices for you due to our longstanding relationships with the best venues around London.

time savers

Finding the perfect venue for your event can be time consuming. If you use Large London Venues it doesn't have to be.

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Not only can we connect you with the best large venues in London, we can connect you with the best event suppliers too.

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